Listening like a child


Is anybody listening?

“LISTEN TO ME!” Haven’t we all felt this kind of frustration at some point? When we feel someone significant in our lives isn’t “getting” something we think is important? When the doctor, mechanic, or cable worker isn’t hearing our complaint and wants to address a different issue than the one we are consulting him or her about? Most of us have had a time or even a day when we felt no one was listening, and we just wanted to shout, “Listen to me!”

The reasons and manner in which we communicate might be diverse, but wanting to be heard is universal. The frustration in not being heard is universally experienced, too. And the little guy in this video humorously exemplifies trying to be heard while practicing the technique of parroting back so the speaker feels heard.



Note: Viewing this clip with friends or co-workers is likely to incite a debate on child rearing and philosophies of discipline. There are diverse opinions on what constitutes good parenting, and folks are often passionate about their approach to training and the behavior of their kids.

You are invited to comment on a time you felt particularly frustrated at not being heard. Or share a time when perseverance paid of when trying to be heard.

Virginia Cruz

Virginia Cruz is an Hispanic hockey mom with roots in El Paso, TX.