Update on Romeike homeschool family

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Unexpected ruling for homeschool family

Just hours after the last post, the Romeike family, persecuted for their homeschool religious beliefs,  was granted permission to stay in the U.S., by Homeland Security.  In an unexpected move, the family has been granted “indefinite deferred status,” which will allow them to remain in the U.S. as long as the want.

Diversity and Choice in Education

It’s refreshing that they have been granted the opportunity to stay here and raise their children according to their convictions, even when their choice is not one all Americans stand behind, as seen in this incredibly one-sided “news” report.


A PhD authority in the article  states:

 “A lot of times, the parents who have elected to pull their kids out of school under the guise of homes schooling are parents who have a lot of mental health, drug abuse types of issues,”

Editorial words like ‘pull their kids out’, ‘guise’ ‘mental health’, ‘drug abuse’ attached to the statistic ‘a lot of times’ seems to go beyond reporting and more into opinion, using the color of authority rather than the real authority that a PhD analysis ought to provide.






Virginia Cruz

Virginia Cruz is an Hispanic hockey mom with roots in El Paso, TX.

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